Why is it that moving is always filled with drama? You would think that having done it a couple times a year for years, I would be a pro. But, in reality, I hate moving. I am really bad at it, and someday I hope to avoid it altogether.

You may be asking yourself: “How can someone be bad at moving?” I know, it is not a difficult concept – put things in boxes, hire strapping young men to carry them down your four flights of stairs to a truck, and then negotiate the items into the elevator and up six flights to your fabulous new apartment. Not rocket science, I know. My problem stems from the fact that I am the biggest procrastinator ever. It is true, I cannot accomplish anything without a false sense of pressure which I create by putting everything off until the very last minute. Thus, I am sitting in my apartment with the move looming less than 36-hours away and yet I have not packed a single box. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?

I keep telling myself that I have been in my current microscopic apartment for 2 years. Thus I could not have accumulated that much stuff – no room for it. Um yeah, this is a good example of my perpetual state of denial. I may own only books and clothes, but I work in publishing thus the number of books I own is ridiculous. Over the past two years I have acquired shelves and shelves of free books ranging from cookbooks to trash.

After a day on my couch watching trashy Saturday TV, and with the Monday 8:30 a.m. mover deadline quickly approaching, I think I am finally ready to start packing my first box. I can feel the motivation rising in me like heartburn. Thus I am off to take advantage of this energy – before it disappears and I return to my lethargy.