I've been meaning to become a regular blogger for a while now, yet I never seem to make time for it. I manage to make time for all kinds of other things in my life, reading, eating, sleeping, working, studying, hanging out with friends, watching TV ,,, why can't I make time to write? I mean I consider myself a writer, it is something I really enjoy and would like to pursue on a bigger level, but I just can't seem to do it.

I discovered vox last week though, and I am hoping that this web 2.0 concept inspires me to put fingers to keys and compose. Maybe I'll find my voice again. Perhaps I'll be inspired to truly create. At least that's what I'm hoping.

In reality, I will not have time to devote to this until after I graduate with my masters degree in May. Right now, I should be researching my thesis, but I have been in the library or in class every night this week and I need a little bit of a break. So tonight after class I choose to blog. Nothing earth shattering or inspiring, but just the act of writing is good for the brain.

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