My thesis is due in less than a week. It's crazy how quickly the time has passed. I swear that just the other day I still had a full month left.

Yes, it's crunch time, and I sometimes wonder if I'm going to make it. I get to the point where I feel like I am either going to laugh or cry, but I couldn't tell you which one until it actually started.

The other night I found myself standing in front of the library in tears from laughing so hard because not only had I forgotten the words for "revolving door" ("rotating thing behind me" is what I think I used), but I also could not seem to get my act together to actually exit the building. I found myself in front of the door, my rhythm gone, circling my hands to get my timing synched with the people entering. Circling my hands in the way that I did as a kid when I was entering any sort of double-dutch jump rope game. The best part was, that all I had to do was circle my hands, and my friend S was right there with me. I didn't even have to say jump-rope or double-dutch — she knew both what the motion meant, and that I had just used it to exit the building. We both relished the moment of comic relief, cackling until our bellies hurt and we'd lost control of our facial muscles.

It's these moments when I realize that I have a tenuous grasp on my sanity. Then I tell myself, "only one more week," and plod along. As S pointed out when she brought me daffodils after lunch, "we just have to outlive the flowers, and our theses will be done." She's right … six more days of breathing and I'll have just four 150-minute class sessions on social netoworking left in my post-graduate career.

Then I'll have a master's degree from NYU. Then I will have my evenings back. Then I will have more quality time for friends. All of those things are pretty damn cool.

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