while in the midst of thesis crunch-time earlier, i remembered how much fun it is to write in haiku. thought i would give my brain some creative downtime and post a few pointless poems.

haiku 5 – 7 – 5
tanrenga 5 – 7- 5 – 7 – 7

please note, i'm tired
brain function is also gone
no wit guaranteed

days growing longer
anticipation of warmth
spring is upon us

daffodils blooming
atop my desk. they bring smiles.
their scent overwhelms.

here i sit counting
beats on my fingers, both hands,
it seems silly yes
but creative challenge is
good for the body and soul

laundry piled high.
clean. awaiting its return
to dresser drawers.
the cat sits atop purring
not wanting to move away

like yoda we speak
mixing up subject and verbs
misusing language
can effectively convey
meaning when used sparingly

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