I turned in my graduate school thesis yesterday, and I presented my topic to a panel of people. I think it went well … I don't really remember much of it.

Today I'm having that post-big-life-event depression where you come out of your self-centered bubble and realize that the world doesn't really care that you've finished something or that you will not have to spend your entire life at the library anymore. It's just weird … I can go to sleep before 1 – 4am, and get back on a normal schedule, and see my friends again. I can read books for fun, and choose to spend all day on Saturday in bed. I can actually go home at night, and cook, and watch TV, and go out to dinner and drinks and movies. I haven't really done any of that in months, and the prospect of being about to do whatever I want to because I can is enticing.

I think I'll buy myself some flowers to brighten the day, and work on letting my body rest/recover from the post-panic-adrenaline-rush-crash.

yeah, that's it …

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