Some of my faithful readers have expressed excitement because they will no longer have to read posts about that thing that has been the central focus of my life for the past few months (like Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter books, its name will not be mentioned — to protect the sanity of everyone associated with this blog). Rest assured readers, I am excited not to mention it again too!

So, I was sitting around thinking of other thing to write about, when I found inspiration somewhere else. Thus, today's post is brought to you courtesy of Jonah Vinson, who felt compelled to send one of my many email accounts a message entitled "There is a local woman wants to sex with you." I find it heartwarming that Jonah is concerned with my love life, it makes me feel like I am truly part of a larger community.

I also find it nice that the following kind souls have reached out to me on that same email account. Most of the subjects confuse me, but that is not the point. The point is that these people care enough to send me messages … the messages may not be Hallmark cards for "When you care enough to send the best," but they should still count for something.

Sender: Subject:
Elena D. Gross    of riverside
pool Or a bounds
Rowena Joseph Of principal before epochal
Andreas Great time to say hi
Cornell Cardenas Of the mccombs
Hope, Millard Fraudulent Spam.
Enola No way. This is my turn
Isobel Hit me up on msn
Terry Fisher And martensdale till linville
Willis Kincaid As jadwin many cherryville
Elanor Done. Thanks

Really, where would I be in life without Rowena Joseph's "Of principal before epochal message"?

I promise, readers, that more exciting non-"that-which-shall-not-be-mentioned" posts will follow.

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