My dad's recovery from the surgeries in January continues to be slightly chaotic …

Mom and Dad returned from a check-up in Salt Lake City last Friday with their new set of wheels. Yep, they have a brand-new handicapped van that will allow them to be more mobile these days. They are excited to try it out on mini-trips to old family favorites such as Cactus Pete's Casino in Jackpot, Nevada and Idaho Falls as well as
longer trips to visit California and Minnesota relatives. Having a dependable vehicle is exciting indeed!

Anyway, the check-up last week went well, and they were not expecting to go back to Salt Lake for three or so months, but the universe had other plans …

This past weekend they took the new car out to get propane at the local pawn shop which is incidentally owned by a neighbor (hey it's Wyoming, of course one gets propane at the pawn shop which is owned by the neighbor). Dad inadvertently had the speed turned up on his chair and managed to dump himself out of the chair causing bumping and
bruising. This lead to him complaining of pain in the area where his surgery was, which lead to a late-night trip to the emergency room, which lead to him being sent to Salt Lake City for further evaluation (via air ambulance at 4:30am on Tuesday, although that makes the situation sound a lot more dramatic than it actually was).

Tangent: It turns out that the medi-vac pilot worked at one of my dad's restaurants in the early 80s and so he and dad immediately bonded.

Yesterday, the doctors in Salt Lake determined that his stint is leaking and has caused a pseudo-aneurysm outside of his new bypass that will need an angioplasty to correct — this seems to be common in situations like my dad's and no one is overly concerned (sorry about the medical jargon). The angioplasty is scheduled for this afternoon, and they are talking about a check-out date of tomorrow or Friday. Mom is still in Jackson. She will be leaving her desk at the bank
momentarily to head down to Salt Lake … she has been fully packed — like an expectant mother — waiting to hear what exactly was going on.

Everyone seems to be in good spirits, I just got off the phone with Dad — he sounds pretty good, and very informed about what is going on this afternoon (he described the whole procedure to me, including why they aren't performing a surgery …).  There is no cause for panic, but I wanted to ask you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I'm
hoping that after this, they can return to having a quiet life in Jackson.

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