I have a friend who is trying an experiment for her grad school thesis.

She wants to see if she can create the ultimate music listener's profile — as diverse and eclectic as your musical tastes are.

To participate, go to last.fm and login as iameveryone with the password is 1everyone. Search for and play whatever you would like …

If you have a last.fm account and are currently using the iscrobbler, you can switch the iscrobbler plugin to your own.

For PC: Just hit ctrl + T and then click on the browse thing. Then you can change your user name and password.

For Mac: Go to your last.fm software and choose add user. Add iameveryone with the password 1everyone and it'll show on the user list.

Then you can play whatever you want from iTunes or your music player and contribute to the ultimate music listener … change it for just a few songs, or for as long as you'd like. Heck, change it whenever you want to listen to your guilty pleasure songs and then it won't be associated to your own profile!

We're not fully sure what happens if two or more people are logged in and submitting music under the same profile … but nothing seems to have exploded yet.

for more information on this project visit:



or if you feel like contributing to a group identity, not through music, visit http://iamevery1.blogspot.com/ and create some posts to establish an identity. Just login as iameveryone / 1everyone and contribute.


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