Yes, I have officially lived in Brooklyn for 10 days … and I can truly say that I love it. My apartment is spacious and airy … my bedroom is larger, and has views of Lady Liberty out the windows. Target is only 3 subway stops away, and having a washer/dryer makes all the difference. Eagle provisions accross the way has all varietals of tasty brews (I was amazed by the selection, despite the fact that A & D had assured me it was their favorite grocery store!). My commute is a bit longer, but it is totally worth it to be in a neighborhood with bars and restaurants nearby. Even my sister approved of the new digs when she was in town this past week (which is saying a lot because she wasn't too fond of Spanish Harlem … )

OK, I wanted to write a more witty post, but after 5 days of out-of-town visitors, I just don't have it in me!

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