I decided it is depressing to know how many people visit your blog, especially when the number is low, so I took the site counter down for now. Maybe I will put it back up later …

I am enjoying my first lazy Saturday in bed in ages. I have been so busy with moving, graduation, friends and family, that I haven't had a weekend to do nothing since April 7, which was the weekend after my ginormous paper was due and my brain hurt too much to enjoy it.

Right now it is almost 10am on a Saturday and I am in my new room. Sun is filtering in, and a cool breeze is blowing over me. I can hear the birds outside, and it all makes me very happy. I have some furniture acquisition and rearranging to do, and I am still settling into the space, but thus far it feels good to be a Brooklynite.

I think I will spend this gorgeous, plan-less Saturday doing some grocery shopping and settling in. I might venture to the new Fairway in RedHook — although I am out of town on business next week so I don't need to stock up, but it sounds nice. We'll see … basically, it is nice to be able to do whatever I want to because I can, and today might just be a day to lay in bed and read 🙂

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