NYC is hot, hazy and humid. Summer snuck up on me, and I don't love it so much.

We had beautiful weather for most of June, which lulled me into believing that summer in NYC isn't really that bad — I must be getting acclimated, or maybe the misery was all in my imagination. Then BAM, it hits. Overnight the city changed from pleasant and breezy to still and stifling. One friend described it as being in the "armpit of Satan".

People become very cranky, and the city takes on the smell of a giant garbage dump. Then there are the power outages — the first of which was last night. They tend to be isolated, but they frequently shut down subway lines and make travel a nightmare. But wait, there is more fun! The newest development is that half the floors in my office building don't have adequate water pressure right now. Thus, I have to travel from 23 down to the lobby and up another elevator bank to the 28th floor to fill my water bottle or use the restroom. Fun for all!
Not to fear though, I will survive … tomorrow is the first "summer Friday" I have been able to take (one of the perks of publishing where employers offer half-day Fridays or every other Friday off). 
I'm back in the office on Monday, and then on Tuesday I fly down to Mexico City to meet up with a friend from college … together we will take a bus to Oaxaca to stay with another friend that lives there. 
We're then going to play it by ear but my list of things to do includes: taking advantage of a free place to stay and exploring Oaxaca City, taking a bus the 5.5 hours to Puerto Escondido on the Oaxaca coast so I can sit on the beach and watch the cute surfers, and then back to Mexico City for a day or two of museums and sight-seeing before heading back to NYC on July 11.
I figured a trip to Mexico was the proper way to mark my 29th birthday!

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