Yep, I am Asia bound in less than 38 hours. So much to do before I go that I wonder if I will sleep at all! Spent 12 hours at work today … probably will do the same tomorrow — stupid power point slides! I'm just hoping that I can leave a bit earlier tomorrow so that I have time to pack without feeling like a crazy person.

It will be fun though …

First stop is Beijing where I have 3 days on my own to sightsee and settle in before my meetings begin … then I have 5 – 6 days of meetings followed by 3 days in Shanghai to shop, decompress and sightsee before heading home. I'm nervous and excited about it all.

Just hoping the power point gods are nice to me tomorrow so that I can focus and get sh*t done.

Right now, I need some sleep so that I can be somewhat civil to people tomorrow.

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