Yes, I still owe you posts from China. I'm working on it. Just trying to get some technical aspects figured out because I want things to be easier …

But, I did want to let you all know that I have some more trips in the near future.

  • A 3-day jaunt to Florida for meetings next week — hoping it's sunny and warm-ish so I can work on my tan.
  • A long weekend in Panama starting March 6. Beach time with good friends and cocktails are involved with that one. Will take a lot of pictures, and time with those friends always produces good stories.
  • A week-long sojourn in Vancouver and April for meetings. I love Vancouver, and haven't had more than a night there in years, so that will be exciting.
  • At least one if not two trips to San Francisco — one in August, and maybe one this spring. A combo of work and family visits.
  • Trying to get to my parent's in Wyoming in April for some spring skiing (400" of snow so far this year means spring skiing should be good). Plus, a dear friend is having a baby in May and I'd love to attend the shower.
  • Also trying to get to Oregon to see my college gals.
  • Lobbying for work trips to India (Mumbai) this Spring, Stockholm this summer, and anywhere else they want to send me!

Will post about China this weekend, and Florida once I return.

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