I've been thinking and talking about it for a while — leaving New York — but in an abstract "someday maybe" way. Well, now it's here. I'm officially leaving New York City, *sigh*. After six years it's a bitter-sweet farewell. However, opportunities presented themselves that I cannot pass up, and so it's time.

I've accepted a Digital Content Manager position for iTunes U with Apple in Cupertino, CA starting on January 5, 2009. It's an amazing opportunity, and gets me closer to family. I'll be living mere minutes from a handful of aunts and uncles, more than a dozen cousins, and a smattering of good friends from various parts of my life. I'm excited, and nervous. It's going to be a big change, but I've wanted to be out west so it's a good change.

Now I just have to pack my entire life and ship it cross-country. I leave NYC on December 20th — heading for Wyoming to spend the holidays with my parents and sister. I'll be in California shortly after the new year, ready for a fresh start. Crazy! It's so soon!

I'm going to miss NYC a lot — more than I know, but it will always be here if I want to come back. For the most part, my heart is ready to be back in the west.

I hope that with the change, I can blog more often about the transition and life in general.

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