Tomorrow is my last day of work at ASME. It's hard for me to believe I'm really leaving. Yes, I am in denial. Despite the fact that I have shipped 33 boxes to the left coast, I don't think my brain will wrap itself around the move until I fly to California on January 2nd.

Last days are hard. There's so much you want to do and so little time. I spent my last Sunday in NYC in my apartment, cleaning and organizing and not talking because I had no voice. Laryngitis struck on Saturday night, and I really couldn't talk for most of the day. Today was better, but I have that husky phone-sex operator voice that is so coveted … I'm resting it again tonight with tea, lemon and honey, hoping that I can salvage my voice enough to survive my going away party tomorrow night.

Today was my last Monday as a New Yorker. I had my last fancy lunch with my colleagues and my last beer at Zipper Bar with EB. I had my last lunch at Gingerman this past Friday with Joe-Scott, and my last dinner with L & E over a week ago. I realize that these don't have to be forever lasts, but they will be the last time I do these things as a resident of this fair city, and that has me melancholy. Yet the denial is keeping me from tears.

I plan to continue my week of lasts with meals at favorite places and time with favorite people …

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